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DATED: 2008 Jun 06
DESCRIPTION: The case of the - Qatil Talwar ka rahasaya

Well, the episode started with Abhijeet and this was indeed charming to see him. Abhijeet started off with that how weird cases can be? Sometimes people die inside locked rooms and there isnt anyone around?? then Abhi tells that criminals are getting smarter and smarter each day but CID is getting even more smarter and so is Dr. Saluke.
Then he tells about the case - how 2 ppl were fighting in a room and then one of them falls but when he gets up, the other is dead - slayed by a sword. And then Abhi tells to see what will happen next -

Its a magic show on...loads of crowd is there...the stage is decorated with antiques and looks beautiful. Then a man comes and tells that a small child can cure any disease. His son, is blessed by God to cure any disease and so he calls his son. Then the man takes a sword frm the hand of a malaquin and gives it to his son and tells the ppl that the sword is magical too. He calls volunteer who would like to get his disease cured. An old lady frm the public raises hand. She cant walk and walks with the help of a walker. The man asks the old lady to luk into the childs eyes with concentration, the child is pointing his sword at the lady and then suddenly the lady fell down. When she stood, she claimed that she is alright. Everyone is like that the child did magic...
But then doctor Aakash came...he said this all is fraud and he can proove it. But then Rajesh (the man) calls security and gets the doctor thrown away. Rajesh murmurs that the doctor doesnt knw with whom is he starting a fight...

Inside a room, the malaquin of the stage and all the other decoration of the stage is kept. Rajesh is furious with the doctor. He admires the sword and says to himself that the doctor doesnt know dare he blame magic? He doesnt know the power of the sword...
Just then the doctor came inside and said that he knows Rajesh is fraud and he can proove it. He shows a pic where Rajesh is giving money to the old lady who was cured by his son. The two start yelling at each other and then Rajesh pushes Aakash who falls on the floor and hits his head. He then slowly stands, rubbing his head and sees that someone had killed Rajesh with the sword. He gets really scared. Rajesh is crying really silent on the floor and then dies. Aakash pulls the sword out of his stomach...jus then Rajesh's wife comes in. She sees the sword in Aakash's hand and her hubby dead and so starts shouting and warns the doc. that she wont leave him and get him arrested surely!

ACP is standing on a road by his car, a young man is walking besides him and then seeks chance and tries to steal ACP's valet. ACP is on phn with Daya who is telling him about the case and tells Daya to hang up while he needs to parcel something to CID office. ACP asks the young man to sit in his car. The young man is pleading to be let go but ACP didnt listen.

Back at that room, CID is there investigating. Rajesh's wife kept on shouting accuses at Aakash while Aakash kept on saying that he didnt kill Rajesh. ACP asks them both to be quiet and then one by one listens to both of them. Aakash tells that he and his assistant (calls a gal - Rewa) works for an NGO who is dedicated to catch such fraud. They had done a lil detective work and clicked pics of Rajesh givin money to the old lady. So they knew he was fraud and Aakash had come just to tell Rajesh that he should stop fooling the public. CID thinks that the old lady might have killed and then escaped from a secret door.

In forensic lab,
the CID team is there discussin that its how unusual a person to be killed by a sword. Freddie gives a suggestion that the sword might be hanging on the roof bt Aakash says it was in the hands of the malaquin. Kaveri is surprised tht they heard of weapons - gun, knives, etc but sword!! Dr. Saluke and Dr. Tarika are seeing the sword. Just then Dr. Saluke comes to Aakash and asks him to show his hands and see sth silver on them. Then Dr. Saluke tells that the sword has wet paint on it silver colour which is also on Aakash's hands.

The CID team in the room...they all are like that when only Aakash and Rajesh were in the room then how could someone else have killed Rajesh? They suspect the old woman. Aakash tells them that she had a walker too...Abhi thinks that if old woman was fraud so definitely she must have borrowed the walker or bought it recently. So Abhi asks Daya to check if anyone borrowed one?
While he went with Abhijeet and kaveri to the room to see if they could find a hidden passage or something.

In CID office,
ACP is with that pick-pocketer...he asked him his name who told that his name is Rohit and then ACP is like why did he steal...?? so he said that he is really poor and there isnt a thing to eat and he is the only son of his parents so he had to steal. Then ACP gives his 1000 bucks and tells him that what so ever but he shouldnt steal under any circumstances. Then ACP gets a call but then he cuts it and tells the boy that if u do a bad thing once, you tend to do it over and over again and then asks him to leave.

Daya, Freddie and Vivek go to one office where a person was filling crossword. Just sensing entry of someone he asks - "acha hua aa gaye...batao woh kaunsi cheez hai ho naram hai, mulayam, chipchipi hai aur jise hum breakfast mein khaate hain?"
CID gets confused over this..they think for a while and then Freddie answers - makhan! The man gets it right and says thanks then looks up and is surprised...he asks who were they? They tell that they are frm CID then they show him the pic of the old lady (clicked by Aakash) and they ask if this lady borrowed any walker lately? The man said yes she did but she isnt as old as in the pic. She is quiet young and said that she needed the walker for her mother.

In that room,
ACP, Kaveri and Abhi look out everywhere..boxes, curtains, cupboard and everywhere they could see. Finally Kaveri found that the cupboard sounded hollow. She called ACP and Abhi. When Abhi pushed the back side of the cupboard, it opened like a door. So this was the hidden passage..CID sees it and then ACP asks to call Aakash...
They ask him if he knew abt this or heard any voice and he says he didnt..jus then Daya and Vivek come and tell whatever they found. They also tell that they went to the lady's house bt she wasnt there and no one knew where she is. However, they had told her neighbours to inform them whenever she comes.

Just then ACP gets a call.

The CID goes to a school. There is a dead body in a room. He was the chemistry teacher of the school and was hit hard on his head by something. There are torn bits of pieces lieing beside him. Vivek collects the bits of paper. They all decide to find where the weapon might be hidden as there wasnt any on the spot.
They search all the park and ground and finally Vivek found a stick hidden in grass. It was a walking stick with a dragon head and there was blood and hair in the dragon's mouth. And there was some silver paint on the stick.

In the forensic lab, Dr. Saluke is working mysteriously...he wont tell anyone what he is doing but keep asking them that this is so unusual to murder with a sword. He kept on asking this and irritating the CID...then finally after irritating the CID he tested the silver paint on the stick and the sword, and they both were one. So he said its the same murderer.

Now they goto Professor house. Abhi says that they should definitely find something here. No one finds anything except Daya. Daya finds some photographs, which were showcasing a book shelf. In all the photos books of a particular shelf were altered. When Daya looked at the bookshelf, those particular books were missing! He showed Abhi this..who also noticed the same.
Daya suggested that if they blow up the pic, they might see the book names.

In the CID office, ACP is seeing the blow ups of the pics. Freddie is standing a lil away with Vivek doing his comic act -

F - Is photo ke itne bade bade blow up bana liye hain ke ab toh ek chota bachcha bhi dekh kar bata sakta hai ki gayab kitaboin par kya likha tha
ACP looks up bt says pranking Freddie boosting him

F - main toh choti se choti photo bhi dekh kar bata sakta hoon ke usmein kya hai!
V - Yes sir...aap jaldi se jaldi ACP banne wale hain aur ACP banne ke liye achi aankhein hona bahut zaroori hai
F - haan bhai aankhein hi toh chahiye
ACP - FREDRICKS! ho gaya??

and they run to ACP

ACP shows the pics to Abhi and Daya and they decide that this is a college why would they hide it? Maybe because there was sth printed in them which Professor got hold of..and so to vanish everything they stole the magazines and killed the Prof.
Then ACP says he figured it out..he asks Vivek to get the pieces of paper collected from beside Prof.'s dead body..then ACP and Vivek try and fix them together and find that its a college name - New Advance College.
They were taking abt this just then lavanya brings in the gal who portrait to be the old women. Lavanya tells that she was about to escape bt her neighbours informed CID. The lady tells that she is an actress and who ever pays her, she does acting for them. Thats what she did for Rajesh.
CID ask if she had observed sth peculiar abt Rajesh and she said when he met her, he recieved a threatening call and he was shouting on the phn and didnt tell her whats the matter either. Then they asked her what time did the call come and she said around 9 am. Daya checks the no...its a landline no of the room where Rajesh was killed. The woman says she wants to go as she has done nthing to harm anyone at all bt then Lavanya says she will have to stay here.

They decide to go to the room again.
Daya, Abhi and Vivek go to the room and they find nthing there except a phone with the same grey paint on it.

In forensic,
they get the phn to be tested. Dr. Saluke like last time keeps irritating them with unusual stuff and when ACP gets really angry...he tells that paint cant be tested to be similar...then Abhi asks then how did Saluke tell that last time paints were same?? Saluke tells him that when u touch sth ur sweat comes on it and they test sweat. If sweat is same then they are the same...
then they chk for the paint on sword, stick and phn, it was the same. Kaveri then demands to knw the paint on the sword (sharp side) bt Saluke tested that and it wasnt like the other paint.

Abhi and Kaveri go to that college then and demand to see the magazines for the murder case. The princi says there wasnt anything particular in them and then hands over the magazines to them. When they chk the magazine, they halt on a page where statues are shown..Abhi says 'oh toh yeh baat hai!'

Then Rajesh's wife is with her son and then she turns back for a moment and in that, someone comes and kidnaps the child. Just then Vivek comes..he sees the child getting kidnapped..he tries to run and save bt then they all get in the car and chase the car. Freddie and Vivek are on bikes and CID asks them to take a short cut and stop the car frm frnt while they chase it frm behind.
But no car passes Freddie and Vivek only a truck does. When they tell this to ACP...they think that the car must have been in the they follow the truck. The car was in the truck...and the kidnapper was - REWA (aakash's assistant)

Well she says that yea she killed them bt she asks how they knw that she was the criminal. They say frm the college magazine, they find that Rewa can potray to be a statue for real long and thats how they figured it out...Rewa said that Rajesh was her hubby bt he ran away with their day when she found them..Rajesh was playing fraud on her son's she killed him!! and she killed the Prof because he suspected her...and was blackmailing her...


ACP comes to his house and just takes out the key when Rohit (pick pocketer) comes and calls him. ACP enquires if he had been stealing again bt he said nop and he was thnkful to ACP for helping him...then he gives ACP some ladoos in a box saying his mom made them as a token of thanks and he also invites ACP to his house...ACP is surprised!!

end of another epi!
Sorry I was in a hurry so its nt too gud..if u think I need to re write it..plz tell I will bt on MONDAY!

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