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DATED: 2008 Jun 13
DESCRIPTION: Introduction :
ACP intoduces the show!!! (high alert) He tells that a fortune teller tells a mother that she sees a cat who is going to be dreadful for the mother or her daughter (Jhanvi). That means that the cat is bringing horrible bad luck and death / despair for her or her daughter...and as soon as the mother steps out of the fortune teller's place...she sees a black cat and gets really scared...almost scared to death...
The next day when the mother goes to her jewellery shop..she finds... ACP stops here and says that he couldnt tell it he tells that he wonders how did the fortune teller get to know what is going to happen..and then ACP tells that when mother tried to call her daughter -- he says we should now see it ourselves

A lady Kavita is sitting in a fortune-teller's shop. The room is very fit for the situation - all with weird fortune teller stuff and dim red - yellow light and kinda very hypnotising if you are there..
Well Disha (the fortune teller) is sitting on the a couch and Kavita just on the adjacent one and Disha tells Kavita that why is she so hesitant to speak to Disha? She had told her everything before so why is Kavita shy now?? Disha tells that she is worried about Kavita...Kavita hesistates for a moment but then tells that she is worried about her daughter - Jhanvi.
Disha goes and sees inside her orb and tells that she sees danger...a cat which is a threat onto Jhanvi or Kavita herself. Disha tells that Jhanvi is in grave danger and if either Kavita or Jhanvi see a cat...its gonna be very bad. Then she informs that Jhanvi shouldnt be allowed to go outside the house for a few days but then Kavita tells that Jhanvi and herself had a fight and Jhanvi left to Goa for a few days..
well anyways..when Kavita comes out of Disha's room..she sees a black cat and gets really WORRIED!!

Scene Changed!

ACP goes to Rohit's house. Rohit brings him and he is like 'maa dekho kaun aaya hai'..inside there is Rohit's mom..and Rohit's sister preparing the table for lunch. They see ACP and are really glad. [Personal Comment : From the house and surrounding...the family NEVER looked anywhere near to being poor...they lived in a cool house with a huge veranda and stuff...amazing plates and bowls..] ACP comes in greets them and says thnks for the laadoos to Rohit's mom...and then mom is like - thnking to ACP to save Rohit from stealing and making him a gud person and stuff...then they asked ACP to come and dine with them...he refused fir a whike but then sat with them on the table. ACP enquired about who all were in the family..Rohit told that grand mother who was ill from a long time..mother and sister...and ACP kept on asking who else..who else...the family was a lil uncomfortable with this and lastly they said - no one ACP asked - what about Rohit's dad??
They told that Rohit's dad is in jail. ACP gets to action...his expressions change drastically...and he is like asked why? Rohit's mom is very dramatic here...she firstly just says that he stole as there was nothing in the house to eat and got caught..thats why they put him in jail for 5 years...but ACP is like that they wouldnt put him for 5 years and asks the whole thing so to as he might help..then mother jus tells that he broke into a fight...then a lil later she reveals that in the fight someone got hurt too...ACP asks Rohit to get a pic of his dad so he might see it...Rohit does..
ACP sees the pic and is surprised...this is pic of Harish (pic nt shown to us) and he was arrested by ACP himself...ACP gets confused!!!!!!!

Scene Changed!

Kavita goes to her jewellery shop to find it locked...she looked for the saw none..she cursed him and then took out the key to her when she bent to open the was already open...she then opened the shutter and then saw all her shop robbed...everything broken and manager lieing dead besides the security alarm. She called the CID
They saw everything and then saw the security alarm which was not broken but carefully and in the right manner the alarm was put off. Therefore CID suspected it to be work of someone who knew about the alarm and its code. Kavita told that only Jhanvi and herself knew about the alarm. So CID suspected Jhanvi but then Kavita told them that Jhanvi was in Goa...and its no use suspecting him as she knows that its all done by the cat...when CID asked about the cat...she told that Disha a fortune teller told her that a cat means bad to them...

Scene Changed!

Disha is in her room arguing with her son Sagar. Sagar is angry and upset about her mother doing this all fortune thing and asks her to close it but she denies and says that its her hobby and when its doing no harm to Sagar...then why is he objecting??Just then ACP entered with Freddie and Sagar left...Disha came to them and told that they shouldnt mind Sagar as you see parents - son fight...ACP said he understands as he too has a son [for a moment I thought ACP talking about Nakul] but then ACP pointed at Freddie who opened his mouth to speak but before that ACP covered up..ACP said that Freddie has grown so old yet they cant find him a wife..Freddie gets really confused and wants to tell about that he is married and says 'sir'...Disha gets suspecious and asks why is Freddie called his 'supposed' dad sir, then ACP covered up saying that Freddie was in Army and so he has a habit of calling everyone formally..then he says that its been 10 years he has left Army..yet he isnt getting married and ACP as a father is really worried regarding this...Freddie constantly tries to interfere but ACP wont let him (It was gr8 to see that wife-scared Freddie again )..then Disha tells him not to worry and she will see a solution and help them definitely..but just as she told them all this...she saw 'Wedding - Ring' on Freddie's finger and realised that she was being fooled...anyhow..
She pretended to be looking in the orb and seeing and said that she cant see anything clearly..its all something is hidden from her and then she asks to leave the room for a moment..saying that she will be back and leaves...ACP sees as go and Freddie as soon as she leaves...argues with ACP that when Freddie is already married why did ACP say he wasnt?? What would happen when his wife will come to know this?? But ACP till then has already figured out that Disha has escaped so he asked Freddie to go after her as fast as he could...Freddie was more interested in argueing but when he went after her it was like basement and she had escaped as there was an open door and no Disha..he told this to ACP..

Scene Changed!

They are all in CID office..Freddie is crying..he gets a call from his wife who gets to somehow know that there is a wife hunt on for Freddie and fights with him...scares him and says that he neednt come back home at all...Freddie is really scared...tries to say no but he couldnt and then after he puts down the phone he says that pata nahi meri patni ko kaise pata chala..par ab toh usse bhi pata hai..ab meri khair nahi...Lavanya comes and tells him that for the country its has to make sacrifices..(it was probably the 2nd time I heard Lavanya speak after her convo with Freddie in Rajeev epi)..Freddie still is crying and frowns at Lavanya - I am not gonna sacrifice my wife...Abhi laughs a little and then says that ACP had to take someone na as his its ok..but Freddie says why couldnt ACP take Vivek..
ACP comes into scene (and they show that actually everyone except Vivek and forensic are there) and says that seeing Vivek who would believe that he isnt getting married?? Every one laughs specially Daya and then Freddie (still crying) says that people shouldnt forget that he got married very first out of all his co - officers (except ACP ofcourse) and there are some who still are seeing women to marry and he points to Abhi who feels a little awkward and Daya tries to supress his laugh..
Then the serious talks..ACP asks Daya and Kaveri to go to Kavita's bank and see if there is any insaurance or claim...

Scene Changed!

When Kaveri and Daya go to the bank and tell the manager the reason they are here for..he is rather surprised as he hadnt heard anything from Kavita about Jhanvi's death...he says there is an insaurance (Daya raises eyebrows) but there is something more weird - Jhanvi had sent an application for home loan...

Scene Changed!

CID goes to Kavita's house and tell her that her daughter wanted a home loan...Kavita denies it saying why will Jhanvi ever want one..Then CID asks if they can check Jhanvi's room...Kavita allows them to...Upstairs they see that Jhanvi's room is totally empty...nothing is in there and they decide that she has taken everything with her so probably she has eloped with a boyfriend. ACP asks to keep a check on her credit card use and soon as any of them is active..they shall trace her...

Scene Changed!

In ACP's office...ACP is very tensed...Abhi and Daya are there with him and ask him why is he upset...ACP tells them all about Rohit and his dad...then he says cause maybe ACP arrested Rohit's dad thats why Rohit was becomin a thief...Abhi is like ACP has always taught them that they shouldnt be linient no matters whoever the criminal is..even their relations..and now ACP is weak himself..but ACP is guilty..just then they get news that Jhanvi's credit card was used in a store...

Scene Changed!

In the cloth shop where the card was used..ACP and Daya go..there they enquire about the card and the shop keeper tells them that it was a boy 5'10 and of about 25 - 26 years who shopped and not a gal. ACP is quite confident that now Jhanvi eloped with her bf and getting him to do shopping while she is sitting quite...
ACP is annoyed thinking about bf - gf these days...eloping like this and he says he doesnt like all this at all..Daya disagrees and says that nt all bfs are like...where there is true love..there arent any probs bt ACP doesnt really believe..he keeps saying that the youth children have no sense...then he said if he would have had kids..then he would have have brought them up really well and saying so..there was a huge smile on his face..(I wonder if CID writers remember that ACP did have a son who brought no smiles to loads of pain..and so ACP shouldnt be smiling atleast)

They get a call that a body inside a bag was found somewhere...

Scene Changed!

They go there and see it was Jhanvi's body...maybe her bf killed her for money and then ran away with the money..the body was loose again so surely she died atleast 8 - 10 hours back and was beaten very badly...and so they figured that she must have had been tortured before being killed...

Scene Changed!

In Forensic..Dr. Saluke says that the girl didnt die 8 - 10 hours back but 3 days back which shakes CID as then she couldnt have committed the robbery..and in the bag in which she was found...there were remains of Sodium Thyroxide..

Scene Changed!

CID finds out all store rooms and chemical industries. In one store they think Jhanvi must be tied here and Sodium Thyroxide was also there. Near a chair where there were ropes and they thought that Jhanvi must be tied here...they find burnt end of cigarettes of a particular brand (new lite).CID that so many cigarettes that cant be brought at once. So they think they must be brought regularly...they check the panwala who tells them that the store house is closed except the watchman Rajesh..who drinks that cigarette too...but suddenly Rajesh is gone weird is always sitting in Tango Bar and drinking

Scene Changed

CID goes to Tango Bar and see Rajesh there...when they tell that they are CID his expressions changed instantly..then they showed him Jhanvi's pic and he pretended to find his specs and this way tried to escape but gets caught...he tells that he was paid and he doesnt know who paid him but he knows his house..and he was only paid to keep the gal in the store

Scene Changed!

Rajesh takes them to Disha's house...CID is amazed to see this...and just then Sagar comes in...firstly they deny everything but then Lavanya slaps Disha and she says that Sagar loved Jhanvi bt she wouldnt marry him so he decided to kidnap her to get her money and so she warned Kavita nt to send Jhanvi out alone bt Jhanvi had already been kidnapped...Sagar started shouting on her mother that - CID ke ek thappad se tumse sach bol dia.?? Sagar says he isnt scared of any CID...Daya slaps him and so he tells that he didnt love Jhanvi but wanted only her money and he persuaded her in many ways but she wouldnt marry he kidnapped her but she wouldnt still marry him and so he got angry and beat her so much that she told about the alarm system in the shop..and later he killed her!!

Scene Changed!

ACP goes to Rohit's house..there Granny is sick and Rohit's mom is serving her...and as soon as she sees ACP she is like welcoming him and all..ACP asks about Granny's says it isnt good...he says why dont they show her to a says that they did bt they couldnt afford the medication...ACP immidiately gave Rohit 1000 bucks and asked him to get the medicines as soon as as soon as Granny sees ACP...she is furious and says that she doesnt want to see ACP's face and neither do they want his he is the one who arrested Rohit's dad

***The End***

Ps : I am sorry for being a week late..plz forgive me!

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