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DATED: 2008 Jun 20
DESCRIPTION: Introduction :

Daya introduces the epi..he is sitting on some pool and has fishing rod with him...he tells that you must have definitely heard of Shaila the actress...and she has given alot of hits but now her daughter is getting launched in her first movie and on this occasion they throw a party...a huge one which all should remember and they decide to play a prank..where they say that Shaila's necklace is stolen...but what they discover a dead boady buried deep inside the earth and it was killed 20 years back by one of the people present in the party...


Episode :

The episode starts...Shaila ,the famous is on the stage with her hudband Ishaan and daughter Dia. There is lot of public around – guests. The party is in Century Gold Club. Just then Freddie comes in.. he says tto himself that such a grand party is thrown by his friends for him …He thinks for a moment and says sure  its for him …as here there were all celebs and journalists like his friends fooling him. He gets confused like our usual Freddie but enjoys party – takes a drink …


Shaila notices her daughter if she recognizes him…but when she says no,Shaila says to her secretary Hritisha to check on Freddie …she goes to Freddie to show his invitation card, Freddie shows her the invite his friends gave him which ofcourse wasn’t right…Hritisha went and told this to Shaila..none of them bothered about it then…


Then, Shaila, Dia and Ishaan come forward to cut the cake and as soon as they cut the cake…a balloon falls from above the chandelier..[Freddie was standing just beneath it]…he gets scared and Shaila finds it real weird…now anyways, they go cut the cake again a balloon falls…Shaila gets angry and asks Hritisha to see the matter…who goes and stands just beside Freddie…Shaila and her family again go to cut the cake and the third balloon falls…Shaila is really annoyed…She comes down the stage and shouts to call security…the manager comes running…Shaila shouts at him for arranging such a party with balloons falling…

Manager apologizes the mistake and then goes out for checking and then suddenly light went off.

Just then a person pushes Freddie who is just beside Shaila ….and when the light comes back ,Diya notices that the necklace on Shaila’s neck is not there. Shaila gets nervous…she calls manager / security and tells them the matter…The manager orders to close all exits and requests the guests to undergo checking…Freddie denies but Shaila accused Freddie saying that he doesn’t even have an invite…Freddie ofcourse tells that he is innocent and wont get checked but then Dia tells that if he is innocent then why is he scared of checking..Freddie tries to tell who he is but ofcourse no one would listen..and when the Manager checked him..they found a bracelet in his pocket which belonged to Dia and she hadn’t yet noticed it missing…


Shaila says that when Freddie stole the bracelet then he must have stolen the necklace as well..and asked him to be checked again but when Freddie denies and still says he is innocent…Ishaan demands to call the CID.


Scene Changed!


ACP lands in Rohit’s place out of shining black car and with a black umbrella (I wonder if Black’s his fav colour…) as its raining cats and dogs…Rohit’s mom (Asha) is waiting for him in their verandah…holding something…

ACP asks her what the matter…why did she call him [[Why the hell wont she leave my ACP alone???]] and then she says that she wants to apologise from her mum-in-law’s side…who had been rude to ACP the other day…ACP tells its alright…then Asha tells that she too had been upset and angry with ACP but she isn’t any more after seeing he has helped them so much..and thanks him…ACP says that as an ACP he had to make the arrest but he promises to do everything for Rohit’s father that he can…then he gets a call on his cell…It was Freddie who told ACP everything..ACP was really furious


Scene Changed!


In the party, CID reaches…Shaila keeps on accussing Freddie and ACP couldn’t say anything…when Shaila tells that the bracelet was found with him…ACP takes Freddie to a corner and asks him if he was drunk and even when Freddie says no…ACP scolds him for being drunk…well anyways there wasn’t any necklace found with Freddie…ACP promises to find Shaila’s necklace on any cost (ACP is making a lot of promises)…

Everyone was checked again by the CID but nothing was found and no one had left the party either. Just then Vivek who was looking through the hall carefully founds drops of blood on the ground. ACP came and saw them…they went to a little distance but stopped abruptly without any further trail.


Scene Changed!


In Office, ACP is really furious with Freddie… they said why did he need to go to the party…then they showed that the news channel is showing that Freddie is drinking and how he is suspected of stealing…ACP shows this to Freddie and asks him why did he drink? Freddie kept on telling that he didn’t steal…ACP tells him to recall whatever happened after the light went out…

Freddie said that there was some walking and pushing around him and he smelt leechi…leechi ice cream. ACP for an instance says that if Freddie is innocent then someone is doing this probably to get CID’s reputation down and so he asks everyone to start finding out every store that sells leechi ice-cream. He orders them to eat the ice-cream and get Freddie to just smell it and recognize what he smelt in the party…


Scene Changed!


CID is searchin for leechi ice creams through out the town and getting them smelt by Freddie…finally in a shop Freddie exclaimed – “This is the one!!”…Daya asked the manager if leechi ice cream was served from the shop to actress Shaila’s party the previous day…the manager says yes and calls ‘Raman’ the deliver boy who had taken the ice cream to the party…

When interrogated Raman says that he is innocent…he was paid by Hritisha (the secretary) to take the bracelet when the lights went out and put them in Freddie’s pocket and he didn’t know anything further about it…


Scene Changed!


They reach Hritisha’s house…she is talking on the phone scolding someone for printing rumours and warning them that this shouldn’t be repeated again…The CID tells her that they have found Raman and he spilled everything…firstly Hritisha speaks nothing but then she says that she did pay Raman to just take the bracelet and put in Freddie’s pocket…but the necklace was really lost…CID was shocked as they thought that the necklace too must not be stolen but just displaced like the bracelet…but

On further being asked...she tells that the displacement of the bracelet was Shaila’s idea. She asked Hritisha to pay Raman…this all was done to publicize Dia’s upcoming movie…CID is really angry and they tell her that they shouldn’t be doing such things for just publicity sakes


Scene Changed!


In the office, everyone was joking with Freddie that why does things happen to him only…why only he gets in trouble??...then into serious talks…ACP asks Freddie to tell what happened exactly…Freddie tells that 3 times the cake was cut and each time a balloon fell from over the chandelier…ACP is suspicious as how can the timing be so perfect...there certainly isn’t everything so simple...there is some planning involved probably against he decided to go and meet the one who arranged the party


Scene Changed!


They go to the restaurant and ask the manager to call the staff who arranged the party…comes a girl who organized it…CID asks her how did she manage to get the balloons down on exact timing…the girl said that the balloons were gas balloons and they cant come down themselves till there is less gas in them…but this seems an unlikely case…so the possibility is that someone pulled the balloons down using some thread…and then ACP says that he / she must have tied the necklace to the thread and it must have gone above the chandelier and while everyone searched down…it was above where no one seemed to even think of looking for it.


He asked the organizer who cleaned the room after the party…the people were called but one of them called Ramesh had been missing and it was that he had cleaned the chandelier too and left last from the hall…and today he had called and said that he was ill and so he wont be coming on duty for a few days. So it was very much that Ramesh was involved in the planning…

CID demands for Ramesh’s address


Scene Changed!


In Ramesh’s house (which is far more exotic than a house of a cleaner should be!!!) there was no Ramesh...his wife answered the door and said that Ramesh had gone to village to get their mortgaged land freed…CID was suspicious and asked that had they struck a lottery…the wife said that she doesn’t know the matter exactly but Ramesh got 2 lakh rs from somewhere…suddenly…Then CID tells her that there has been a huge robbery in which they suspect Ramesh too helped…So they ask her if there was something unusual that Ramesh was doing or went to some other place…

Wife said that Ramesh did look a lil not like himself on the day he brought the money but he didn’t go anywhere else except on the day when he got 2 lakh rs…he went to White Villa before returning home…


Scene Changed!


CID goes to White Villa…it was huge! They ask the watchman whom the villa belonged to…he said it was Shaila’s. So they figure there something really is fishy with Shaila…and they still think that she only was the one behind the robbery and Ramesh would have come here to return the necklace. Well they go inside and see furniture being moved…not all the furniture but just a cupboard.

On the river side…Shaila, Ishaan and Dia were getting interviewed by the press. Seeing CID there they are rather furious and demand why cant the CID leave them alone…but well then Shaila is scared and nervous as she asks about her necklace…CID says they didn’t but just randomly asked where is the cupboard is being shifted to?? Shaila’s expressions change instantly on this. CID noticed this and decided that there was something fishy about the cupboard as Shaila wouldn’t tell exactly why only one cupboard was being moved? She just said that its her and they are moving it and then on being asked what’s inside it…she said clothes…and when CID tries to open it…they cant as its locked so they demand for the keys and Shaila says that the cupboard is really old and so the keys have been lost. Throughout the dialoge exchange…Shaila was hell nervous and her expressions did tell that there was something fishy…

So Lavanya snatches her purse and finds many keys in a key ring inside. They check each key and finally the cupboard it open and thoroughly checked. The necklace is found inside the cupboard with a pencil heeled sandal. The heel of the sandal bears blood. There are also few letters found. Shaila tells that it is her sandal but it isn’t supposed to be in this house but in Mumbai and she has totally no idea how is it here…but CID gets the wind that there is even more fishy things waiting for them to be found out…So they decide to check the house

They find nothing inside it but when the lawn is dug they find a really old skeleton and along with it a small bottle.


Scene Changed!


In the forensic…Dr. Saluke checks the necklace and tells that it is real indeed. Shaila is in much trouble now…she tells that she doesn’t know Ramesh or doesn’t even have any idea about the necklace being in that cupboard or the letter or the dead body…Dr. Saluke checks the body and tells that the face cant be remade as it was smashed badly…whoever killed the person kept on beating the face even after he died…the laash was that of a man 5’10 in height and of around 30 years when he was killed and also that the dead body is 20 years old i.e. the person was killed 20 years back.

He also tells that in the bottle he found particles that tell that bottle once had cyanide and so the person was killed with cyanide.


Scene Changed!


ACP, Abhijeet and Kaveri visit Rohit’s house. There is Rohit’s mom and sister who are very glad to see ACP and the other 2. Just then Rohit’s granny comes out and starts accussing ACP of their family’s condition…Rohit’s mum tries to stop her but she doesn’t stop…Abhi and Kaveri are surprised to see all this. Rohit’s mom asks her mum-in-law to be quiet as Rohit doesn’t know anything about this but she doesn’t and then its shown that Rohit overhears them and is crying.


Scene Changed!


ACP is in office and wearing a sleeveless 3rd piece of the suit like Daya used to…and I have seen him first time in that or in anything except his usual suits!

Well the whole team was there and ACP told them that – khoon / ishq nahi chupta…!!

The victim had a hole on the chin and so ACP asks Vivek and Lavanya to check all missing people’s report for past 20 years and see if any one of them had a hole on the chin. What they found out was indeed interesting. There had been 7 reports and one did have a hole on chin. This particular guy was a thief accused for stealing the same necklace of Shaila’s as the one stolen now.

Not only this…the events that took place 20 years back took place in the same manner this time too. The person Pritam who stole the necklace was dead ofcourse but the necklace was found in a shoe just like this time.


Scene Changed!


CID goes to Shaila, Ishaan and Dia…they tell all about Pritam what they found out and say that Shaila must have killed Pritam for stealing the necklace and dug him up in the house which was her dad’s then. (her dad was a famous producer and Pritam was her driver) Throughout this the media was taking coverage.

Then after CID accused her a lot and she had nothing to defend herself…she said that how could she have had killed Pritam as she loved him and was going to elope with him. And this is why she was scared when the cupboard was checked as the letters found there were the love letters they wrote to each other.


CID suspects Ishaan but then Shaila tells them that it cant be Ishaan as he came in her life much later and he had no idea about all the Pritam thing.


Scene Changed!


Well Shaila’s confession was a twist in the tale. Now they thought that some relative of Pritam was doing all this. Whoever it was…he / she was near Shaila as he / she knew everything she was doing…and so they planned revenge. ACP orders to take DNA of all the people working around Shaila and match them to that of Pritam’s. Meanwhile he says that they should visit the address mentioned in Pritam’s missing report to see if they can find anything from there.


Scene Changed!


They go to a cottage like place and an old woman is the only person sitting outside it. She is really old. When asked about Pritam…she tells that she is his mother in law and she hates him most in the world as he was a very bad man. He married her daughter and then had an affair and she then directs them into the cottage to see what he did to her daughter.


When they go inside they see a really mad woman with a doll in her hand which she calls Pritam. There is a nurse besides her too. When they ask about Pritam…she attacks on Daya and the doctor had to come running to calm her down. The wife Rekha…well is very mad as told by the doctor. She reacts this way whenever she hears Pritam’s name and once every day she breaks the neck of the doll and joins it again which he didn’t understand why.

CID was leaving when they heard Rekha say – Pritam’s face was smashed.


Scene Changed!


Meanwhile in the forensic…Dr. Tarika had the DNA sampled and was already done testing them. When they asked her the results she denied telling them and instead wrote it on a paper and gave it to them. She said that they were so unbelievable that they would this they misheard so she is writing it.

When Abhijeet and Daya read the slip…it was utter shock!


Scene Changed!


Shaila, Ishaan and Dia are in their house addressing the press. (I don't think they do anything else EVER)…well Shaila is telling that the next day her daughter’s debut movie is gonna release and they have hopes and hope that it will be hit and stuff when CID walks in…ofcourse the cameras turn to them and once again they are not wanted but huh…they are already there and they don't really ask you if you want them or not!

They get all the media attention and they walk upto Shaila and tell her whatever they knew of a person around her being a culprit and say it was her daughter Dia. She was actually Pritam’s daughter. Dia denied it totally saying the DNA report must be wrong but then CID says that the DNA report is never wrong…then Dia tells that she hadn’t given her hair sample for testing. She got scared and so she gave Hritisha (secretary) hair for testing.

Hritisha tries to run but was caught and then she told the truth that she was Pritam’s daughter and she wanted revenge from Shaila as she was the reason that her dad was unfaithful to her mom and the day Shaila and Pritam were going to elope…her mum killed Pritam with cyanide. And so she wanted revenge as Shaila was the reason for all this.

Shaila herself was in shock due to firstly her secretary turning out the culprit and secondly that she hadn’t known that Pritam was married. She said that he hadn’t told her ever else she wouldn’t have fallen for him.


Scene Changed!


Rohit’s sister comes running to her mom with a letter in hand and shows it to her and tells that Rohit ran away.



***The End***

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