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DATED: 2008 Jul 11
DESCRIPTION: Case : Killer TV Show

Introduction :
Well Abhi gives the intoduction. He is pretty serious like always...and says that nowdays what stuff the tv producers make the poor people do... he says never to trouble poor people but the television people do that!!! He said that there is a show where a man is jumping in middle of the road and he is told that by doing this, the hair never go white. And there is a hiddn camera somewhere and they are making this man a 'bakra'...

Then Abhi tells about the case - that a producer and a director decided to make such a show and while shooting, whatever happened was jus stunts but all happened really! And everyone there got scared as all this happened too fast...and even CID was confused and scared!

Episode :
A man in white shirt was sitting very comfortably in a restaurant with 2 other people (also in white)...Well the first man is called Monty and he is telling the other two about his new show - he is making it as well as acting in it...he says that nowdays reality shows are rocking and so he has spent a fortune on them and hoped them to be successful! One of the 2 other men say - would it be fine riskin this the other man says - yea its this is the trend nowdays... Monty too says that to be successful you need to take some risk in life!
Just as Monty said thi snad the 3 were laughing...the door of the restaurant opened and in came 2 kidnappers...they were masked and all..they shouted at people...made them scared...pushed them aside and thn to Monty -
They firstly asked who Monty is...Monty denied being himself and so did his friends and then one of the kidnappers said that he knows Monty and so they pick up Monty and forcefully take the process one of Monty's friends is also hurt... When the kidnappers had gone..the 2 friends get up and decide to call CID as Monty is kidnapped and stuff....

But just then all people present around them start clapping and a lady comes out from behind a table with a camera man. She comes and congrats them on the performance bt both the friends are the lady explains...that Monty had asked this thing to be done as a publicity stunt for his new reality show...just then 2 more kidnappers enter inside in the same manner and demand to know who Monty is... the lady gets furious and asks why are they here again? and they had taken Monty jus a few minutes back... to this the kidnappers take out their masks and tell that they hadnt taken Monty anywhere and this is the first time they came and so everything was scary... Monty's friends try to call him but his mobile is switched off and he is really kidnapped!!!

Scene Changed!

In a huge office...its Monty's I guess, CID (except ACP and Kaveri - who isnt back yet) are there with the girl who was there in the restaurant filmin the so called prank and another man called Nikhil...he tells the CID that now Monty is missing for over 2 hours and there is something serious...Abhi demands to know what happened and so the girl tells him that the kidnappers were paid people and this was jus a prank...Abhi asked her why did she do this? So the girl said that Monty had asked her to do a publicity stunt for his new show...Daya is too furious hearing this...he nearly fires the girl off..."this is no way to do publicity..what else do you want to do? Is there anything else left to do?" Abhi then tickles his brain and then asks that while all this happened was the recording on? It was! and so he asked for the video... and then he asks was there any call received for ransom??
Just then Monty turns up from behind saying whats the matter? CID and others are taken aback seeing him...they all ask him hows he? and he got kidnapped and stuff bt Monty was laughin and casually said that he wasnt kidnapped at all and it was just a prank by his friends...But before he could hurry off, Daya notices scratches on his hand...when he asks Monty about how Monty acquired them, Monty's expressions change and he gets frustrated all of a sudden and asks them to leave as he got a lot of work to do on this new project and so he needs to go...about the scratches he says that his friends' just caught him harshly...
Abhi and Daya move to a side followed by others and Abhi says that there is something wrong and suspecious...

Scene Changed!

Beside a pool there were many people standing and ready to shoot...Monty was pretty upset and when the girl (same who was in the restaurant shooting) came to him and asked him the reason...he jus said that he was tired... But well he says to begin the was exactly like Fear Factor..your feet are tied and you are put in water and the key is in ur neck...all contestants are excited and very eager to go...Monty is hostly and explains the show...its called - Do or Die! Mr. Parminder is the first contestant...he is put down in water and then he walks to the middle of the pool...for some while everyone is notmal...Monty counts the time bt Parminder is nowhere to be seen...the water is clear...its 20 sec and still increasing...and the girl asks the supervisor to go and save Parminder bt as soon as the life guard reaches there, Parminder comes out of the water, successfully completing his task...he is fine...Vivek and Freddie are there in the shooting and listening...
Vivek says nice Freddie adds that he is more eager about the new show on Sony - Arslaan...Vivek says he had heard of the show and asks whats it all about? Freddie tells that he himself is just like Arslaan a true super hero...and Vivek says that then he will surely watch the show...
Meanwhile, and the next contestant is put in water (a gal) and she nicely reaches the center...then she is opening the chain the stuff...20 secs and counting...everyone starts gettin tensed..Nikhil shouts at the life guard to go and save her...when he goes there he says that the girl isnt taking any oxygen...Vivek and Freddie are scared too...they quickly take off their shoes and jump in the pool to save the girl...they get her up but she is already dead...everyone is damn scared expecially the producer Nikhil and the director girl...

CID comes...ACP sees the body and scolds the producer and that girl director for making such shows where the lives of contestants are risked so brutally... While ACP is scolding, Daya comes to him and says that the girl couldnt have escaped at any cost as she was chained... the producer tells that this is impossible..the girl was an expert in this trick and while the practice session, she used to be free in just 5 seconds and surprise everyone tremendously... then CID asks where the key was and they say in her neck...Daya says there isnt a key in her neck and so it must be in the pool...vivek voluntarily jumps in...the director gal keeps saying that its her bad luck and whatever she does is super flop and now she got this show bt here too such an accident occured...ACP isnt happy...ACP almost shouts at her - its nt an accident...and then Vivek found the key...well it was wrong...producer and gal fight...Producer says that the girl director should have chekced while she says that she was busy and thought the supervisior (life guard) will do it as all he does is carry the oxygen cylinder...

O2 cylinder is totally empty...Daya says she is murdered...
the gal is almost crying and she asks to call the superivisor (subodh or Sudesh) and he has run away...they say that Monty had brought him and Monty is himself away...ACP decides to go to their house...

In his house...a man again in white / black comes...and opens door...Daya comes rushing in...he asks for Monty...Monty is gone to Lonawala for hols...Daya picks the man by collar and there sth breaks upstairs..the man is scared...CID goes and Monty is Daya sees the escape door..ACP threatens...and the man says that Monty had asked the same...Monty ran by Taxi bt Taxi no noted

In forensic...
TRP murder case...Abhi says pakda isiliye nahi kyunki mera chacha lagta hai...and Saluke and Abhi fight...and Saluke points to them...unglion ke nishan...Saluke says nthing possible as there is a hungama of the cylinder...Saluke says its 10000 watt and VIvek says he will swallow it...Dr. Tarika says there are man's finger prints bt a dog's paws...Abi is shocked

In monty's house...everything is chked thouroughly..Daya tells this to ACP...Lavanya finds sth...she found woman clothes and so there is a lady in here and ACP sees a pic and then Freddie finds a soft toy and so a kid too lives here and again a pic of the lady with a kid...ACP calls for the servant...Monty's gal this is a secret...Kamini and Sneha didnt return since last day and Monty said they have gone for outing...Vivek finds a gun box with bullets bt no gun or no bullets

Freddie is in the forensic and laughing...saysing that it was first time he will seach a criminal with dog paws...Saluke gets anry..Freddie asks Saluke to return...ACP and Saluke fight...ACP is laughin...they have already seached for 40 dogs and now they find a chiwauwa...Freddie and Lavanya dog or bhais...expensive dog and it takes a special vitamin to survive in India...they search all veternity dogs...

CID arrives in black car searching wherever they can...Abhi drives...ACP says that there should be a law of whoever buys a dog should get it registered - humari jaan ki keemat nahi hai?? dog is barking one in house...Abhi opens the door and a man dead there...atleast died 10 - 12 hours back...Freddie is scared of the dog...and slowly enters a room bt no dog the loud barkin and freddie runs bt ACP stops him..and there they find scooba divin intrument and hair clip...ACP saw it somewhere and Sneha had worn it...If Sneha was hidden here then who killed this man...Monty!

In forensic again...Dr Saluke takes out the bullet and says that it hit near the heart...Monty in COC...they say it nt Monty's bullet...fight again...0.38 and 0.22....ACP is annoyed! Tarika beckons Saluke and Abhi and ACP shout on her too..ACP says to find Sneha and Kamini at all costs..they go and investigte in skool...
One auto driver says that ask Ramu...the driver takes cell and says Ramu isnt picking up cell...and Ramu is sleepin...Ramu says yeap he took the 2...and he left them at Lokhandwala market..

they coe to a market...and CID is confused whrer could they go?? ACP asks Ramu what the 2 were talking...Ramu tells that Sneha was hungry and so they chked all restaurants around and the manager says its Damini..and he says that she comes each saturday...No one knew where after this bt ACP sees CC camera...and they ask for recording...

In CID office they see the recording...Daya says seeing where they turned is Lavanya is confused...and then they see Damini and Sneha...Freddie and Lavanya nok jhok and then they sit in the car parked outside the hotel and leave...the zoom at the car and see the no. of the car

They go to an isolated house and all tkae guns and position...nd all is too quiet...and then Abhi sees inside and tells ACP abt frm where they cfan see inside...Damini and Sneha are tied there..Daya freddie and Vivek one way and Abhi ACP and Lavanya one in the house...Lavanya goes to open them and jus then Monty comes...he is with gun...and Monty says them to lower their guns...Monty says that someone kidnapped his family and made him to do this...Damini says that they did see the face of the person...
ACP is angry when Monty says sorry...and ACP then says apne parivar ke liye jaan de doge? tells him a criminal and shoots him...

Monty lies in CIty Hospital...and a cell is ringing there...the man picks up the call and tells to many ppl that he knows who the murderer is and he wont leave them...all ppl are worried except one man who originally got the call and heard where the dead body is kept...and went there and chked all dead bodies and the 3rd one was Monty..he says sry Monty I need to kill u again so am sure u are dead...he takes out gun to kill bt nthing sounds and Monty is alive...then he holds his hand and all CID up again...ACP says he got a clue abt all this as the man should be one in Monty's surroundings...Freddie slaps... this man wanted to kill Sheena as her grand pa sentenced death to his dad...
Nikhil was his name..Monty too was to be punished!

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