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The Famous Five

E-Books > Enid Blyton Series > The Famous Five


The Famous Five are probably the most famous of Enid Blyton's creations.
Julian, Dick, Anne, George and Timmy the Dog make up the Famous Five. Julian, Dick and Anne are brothers and sister, In the first book, Five on a Treasure Island, they meet their cousin Georgina. Georgina likes to act like a boy and hence is called George. In one interview Enid confessed that George was based on herself.


  • George (Georgina) Kirrin: Georgina is a tomboy, demanding that people call her George. By cutting her hair very short and dressing like a boy, she is often mistaken for one, something which pleases her enormously. She is headstrong by nature and, like her father, Quentin, has a fiery temper.
  • Dick (Richard) Kirrin: George's cousin, and brother of Julian and Anne, sometimes mistaken for George because of his behaviour and dark hair. Dick is the joker of the group, but also very thoughtful.
  • Julian Kirrin: The eldest of the five, cousin to George and older brother to Dick and Anne. He is an intelligent boy and a natural leader whose cleverness and reliability is often noted by Aunt Fanny.
  • Anne Kirrin: The youngest in the group, and written by Blyton as girlish, with a natural instinct to mother the others. She famously dislikes the adventures the Five constantly encounter, but soldiers on loyally.
  • Timmy: George's dog and the unofficial mascot for the group, who is available to attack unwanted people on George's command. Timmy is the archetypal loyal mongrel-clever, affectionate and fiercely loyal to his owners and to George in particular; he provides physical protection for the children on multiple occasions. George adores Timmy and thinks that Timmy is beautiful. In the first book of the series, George's parents forbid her to keep Timmy and George is forced to hide him. After the end of their first adventure, they relent and she is allowed to keep him.
  • Jo, the gypsy girl: First appears in "Five fall into adventure" and in several others. The first adventure finds her in an abusive relationship with her father, but when he is sent to prison she is fostered. She has the only romantic interest in the books, being obviously attracted to Dick. He had hit her when they first met, believing her to be a boy - and was later mortified. She immediately liked him.
  • Fanny Kirrin: George's mother, and aunt to Dick, Julian and Anne. Aunt Fanny is married to Uncle Quentin, and is, through most of Blyton's Famous Five novels, the principal maternal figure in the lives of the children. (Julian, Dick and Anne's parents are very rarely seen, and rarely even mentioned, as most of their adventures take place on school holidays while visiting the village of Kirrin.)
  • Quentin Kirrin: George's father, and a famous inventor and scientist. He possesses an infamous temper and has little tolerance for children on school holidays, but is nevertheless not as heartless as he may at first seem. In the first book of the series, it is established that he is the brother of Julian, Dick and Anne's father.


The following list of books are available to be downloaded directly from this site at no charge. To the best of our knowledge they are all in the public domain and no rights are infringed by their inclusion here. If this is not the case, please notify us and we will immediately remove any offending title.

1 FIVE ON A TREASURE ISLAND Read Synopsis Details
3 FIVE RUN AWAY TOGETHER Read Synopsis Details
4 FIVE GO TO SMUGGLER'S TOP Read Synopsis Details
5 FIVE GO OFF IN A CARAVAN Read Synopsis Details
7 FIVE GO OFF TO CAMP Read Synopsis Details
8 FIVE GET INTO TROUBLE Read Synopsis Details
9 FIVE FALL INTO ADVENTURE Read Synopsis Details
10 FIVE ON A HIKE TOGETHER Read Synopsis Details
11 FIVE HAVE A WONDERFUL TIME Read Synopsis Details
12 FIVE GO DOWN TO SEA Read Synopsis Details
13 FIVE GO TO MYSTERY MOOR Read Synopsis Details
14 FIVE HAVE PLENTY OF FUN Read Synopsis Details
15 FIVE ON A SECRET TRAIL Read Synopsis Details
16 FIVE GO TO BILLYCOCK HILL Read Synopsis Details
17 FIVE GET IN A FIX Read Synopsis Details
18 FIVE ON FINNISTON FARM Read Synopsis Details
19 FIVE GO TO DEMON'S ROCKS Read Synopsis Details
20 FIVE HAVE A MYSTERY TO SOLVE Read Synopsis Details
21 FIVE ARE TOGETHER AGAIN Read Synopsis Details
22 FIVE HAVE A PUZZLING TIME and other stories Read Synopsis Details

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