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Mystery at Devil's Paw

Mystery at Devil's Paw

Plot summary

Frank and Joe Hardy receive a telegram from their friend Tony saying that he is in danger in Alaska and needs their help. He also suggests bringing the brother's friend, Chet Morton. At the airport they find a person following them and spying on them and they are attacked. Later the police discover that the attacker was a wanted spy: Romo Stransky.

Arriving in Alaska, they meet Ted Sewell, Tony’s helper, and he leads the boys to Tony’s camp. During the trip, Ted tells the boys about how his father disappeared and he wants them to help him find him.

At camp, Tony tells the boys that they have been attacked several times by a gang. During a search of the island, they find a knapsack, a map and a piece of jade. They later learn of a gang member going to The Devil’s Paw — a place in British Columbia.

At The Devils Paw they learn of an ancient Indian burial site where people would steal gold and jewelry. The brothers remembered the piece of jade they found in the knapsack and it might have been stolen from the burial site. They locate the ancient burial site and also find Ted Sewell’s father.

They find the camp of the gang and learn that the mysterious gang was searching for a lost rocket. They are captured, but escape with the help of their friend Chet. A radio call to special agents leads to the arrest of the gang.

Original edition (1959)

  • Ghostwriter: James Duncan Lawrence
  • Summary: Tony Prito asks the boys to help him in Alaska, where his party has been attacked by a gang who turn out to be searching for a lost moon rocket.

Revised edition (1973)

  • Revision type: Very minor revisions.
  • Ghostwriter: Priscilla Baker-Carr


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